The Best Telescoping Ladders

If you own or rent your own home, you’re bound to need a ladder at one point or another. Traditional ladders are hard and awkward to carry, transport, and use. Telescoping ladders, on the other hand, fold down to a compact size. This makes them easy to pick up and move. Many are made with… Read More

The Best Reciprocating Saws and Sawzalls

A reciprocating saw, also referred to as a sawzall, is a handy tool for any DIY enthusiast. The motorized tool uses a push-and-pull motion, allowing the saw blade to cut through a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Overall, it’s a convenient and versatile tool that can handle a wide range of cutting… Read More

The Best Paint for Bathrooms

Paint for bathrooms is a quick and easy way to spruce up your decor without spending a ton of money. With a bit of prep work and some elbow grease, you can change the look of your bathroom using paint in as little as a day. Finding the best paint for your bathroom means reading… Read More

The Best Deck Stains

Restore an aging deck or finish off your newly constructed deck with a high-quality deck stain. By staining your deck, you can highlight the natural beauty of the wood underneath or give it a whole new tint to update your outdoor aesthetic. Many modern deck stains penetrate deep for long-lasting looks and protection. If you… Read More

The Best Standing Desk Converters

How many hours do you spend sitting down each day? If you’re like most of us, way too many. According to a 2018 study involving over 127,000 people, prolonged leisure-time sitting was associated with a higher risk of death from all causes, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Prolonged sitting was defined as sitting six or more… Read More

Interior Design Blogs

Designing and making the most out of your home can get overwhelming especially without ideas. Researching like minded designers or bloggers can help spark ideas for your space or even help guide you through the design or DIY process. With so many blogs geared toward different styles and needs you can certainly find the right… Read More

The Best Office Chairs

Whether you’re working from home full time or just want a comfortable chair to sit at for gaming or browsing the internet, it’s important to choose the right office chair. A quality office chair provides the support you need to prevent the kind of back and shoulder pain that’s common among people sitting at a… Read More

The Best Laser Levels

The latest and greatest laser levels have left chalk lines in the dust. Even the most basic of laser levels are vastly more convenient and accurate than the old leveling and line-finding tools in your grandpa’s toolkit. They free up your hands and reduce the amount of work needed to identify straight lines for everything… Read More

The Best Screwdrivers

A quality screwdriver is a necessity for every home and workspace that often goes overlooked until the moment that it is needed. The best screwdrivers are durable, long-lasting hand tools that are easy to use and comfortable to hold. Most traditional screwdrivers feature hardened steel shafts tipped with flat or Phillips head style tips, and… Read More

The Best Circular Saws

When it comes to cutting and processing timber, the most effective, precise, and convenient way to do so is unquestionably with a circular saw. Compared to the alternatives, a circular saw allow you to do your wood processing in shorter times and with far greater accuracy, making it the ideal tool for all types of… Read More

The Best Pliers

No tool kit is complete without a good pair of pliers. These simple but highly versatile tools can be used for anything from construction or installation jobs to more detailed plumbing and electrical work. While many of the pliers you’ll find online or in stores are decent, vanishingly few are truly great or offer the… Read More

The Best Hammers

Are you working on a DIY project or repairing something that requires hammering? You will need to use a high-quality hammer to achieve professional-level results. Using a high-quality hammer will allow you to easily hammer each nail into precisely the right place with precisely the right amount of pressure. It will also help ensure that… Read More

The Best Pressure Washers

Cleaning your deck, driveway, garden furniture, or other large surfaces around your home needn’t be something best left to a professional or an epic, all-day struggle with a hose and a sponge. By adding a good, reliable pressure washer to you armory of yard appliances, you’ll be enabling yourself to take care of the toughest… Read More

The Best Ping Pong Tables

Ping-pong, the U.S. trademark for the game of table tennis, can be anything from a way to pass the time to a more serious, competitive sport. No matter why you want a ping-pong table, your online options cover the range from compact, practice tables to Olympic-grade tables. And while most ping-pong tables are built for… Read More

The Best Office Desks

Creating an office space while working from home is a necessity to ensure you get your work done. But it doesn’t take much effort to set up a quiet, productive corner. One of the most important factors to successfully working from home includes the office desk. Office desks come in a wide range of styles… Read More

The Best Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are one of the must-have power tools for carpenters and household DIY repair people alike. They’re more portable, powerful, and versatile than ever before, and every home should have one in their tool closet, garage, or work truck. The best cordless drills can handle any of your fastening and hole boring needs, and… Read More

The Best Smart Thermostats of 2020

Smart thermostats are the next step in household convenience. With the introduction of smart home voice technology and WiFi-enabled remote access into modern smart thermostats, maintaining your home’s heating, cooling, and humidity levels has never been easier, nor more efficient. Homeowners who replace their manual thermostats with smart thermostats report substantial household energy and cost… Read More

The Best Stud Finders

Whether you want to securely hang a new flat screen TV or attach a cabinet to the wall, a stud finder is a must-have tool for homeowners doing any sort of renovation. Finding the best stud finder for your home means reading reviews, studying product features, and diving into the ins and outs of available… Read More