The Best Screwdrivers

A quality screwdriver is a necessity for every home and workspace that often goes overlooked until the moment that it is needed. The best screwdrivers are durable, long-lasting hand tools that are easy to use and comfortable to hold. Most traditional screwdrivers feature hardened steel shafts tipped with flat or Phillips head style tips, and there are also highly-versatile screwdrivers that utilize a wide range of interchangeable drill bits that can tighten any style of fastener.

We reviewed dozens of different screwdrivers and have identified the best available to purchase online. As we examined each screwdriver we considered factors such as material quality, bit and tip practicality, and the usefulness of additional features to choose our top picks. Our research concluded that these are the best screwdrivers you can buy online on Amazon today.

Best Screwdriver Overall
Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver
An insulated screwdriver with an anti-roll handle that accepts all 1/4″ bits, the Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver is as good as it gets.

After looking at many different screwdrivers we have chosen then Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver as our overall top pick. It can be used in conjunction with any 1/4″ bit out there and has a versatile handle that is as comfortable as it is useful.

The 5 Top-Rated Screwdrivers

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best Screwdriver OverallFelo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver4.9
Best Screwdriver SetREXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set4.8
Best Budget ScrewdriverLutz 6-in-One Screwdriver4.7
Best Phillips Head ScrewdriverKlein Tools Phillips Head Screwdriver4.8
Best Flathead ScrewdriverKlein Tools Flathead Screwdriver4.8

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Screwdriver Overall: Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver

Best Screwdriver Overall
Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver
An insulated screwdriver with an anti-roll handle that accepts all 1/4″ bits, the Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver is as good as it gets.

No single screwdriver is more useful across a wide variety of applications than the Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver. The possibilities are endless as it accepts universal 1/4″ bits that can be used for any number of screw heads as well as for boring, nut setting, and more. If you can find a bit that fits, this screwdriver can get the job done.

This Felo screwdriver is insulated to protect the user from up to 1000 volts of electricity, making it an excellent choice for electrical work. The bright red handle is easy to identify at a moment’s notice from a tool belt or box, and its ergonomic, anti-roll handle design provides plenty of grip and is quite comfortable to hold. Additionally, the handle features a hole near its top that can be used to conveniently store the screwdriver on a hanging tool rack or as a way to apply more leverage with the help of an additional tool.

The strong magnetic tip ensures that bits and screws stay in place and never go astray. Some users have even said that the magnetic strength is actually too strong which, in our book, is a good thing because the magnetism of all hand tools will slowly fade over time. This is a German-made screwdriver that comes backed by a lifetime warranty. After purchasing this screwdriver you may never need to buy another one again.

Felo Insulated Hex Bit Screwdriver Key Features:

  • Uses 1/4″ bits
  • Insulated up to 1000 volts
  • Anti-roll handle with leverage hole
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Screwdriver Set: REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Best Screwdriver Set
REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set
The REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set is a complete screwdriver tool kit that will surely be able to fasten anything and everything in your home.

Sometimes you need a big screwdriver, and sometimes you need a tiny screwdriver, but every once in a while you need that weird screwdriver with the star-shaped tip. Keep yourself from running to the hardware store time and time again by purchasing every possible screwdriver you’ll ever need with the REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set. It’s got all of your bases covered, and then some.

This 63-piece toolkit features 10 traditional screwdrivers with strong chromium-vanadium steel bars and magnetic tips. These hardy screwdrivers come in varying lengths and feature the most common tip styles. The smaller of these are ideal for tight spaces, and the longer ones with extended shafts are best used in situations where hard to reach screws can only be accessed by a lengthy screwdriver. There are also 10 precision screwdrivers included which are best used for small repairs and projects such as with electronic devices. Each has a hole in the handle so that extra leverage can be applied when necessary.

When specialty screwdrivers aren’t needed, you can use the included drill bit screwdriver and its 40 different bits to complete nearly any fastening task imaginable. This unit also has a magnetic tip and, like the other screwdrivers in the set, has a combination rubber and plastic handle designed for maximum durability, comfort, and grip. Metric and imperial Allen wrench sets have been included as well to take care of those hexagonal fasteners that required the extra torque of a burly wrench.

REXBETI Magnetic Screwdriver Set Key Features:

  • 63-piece tool kit
  • 10-piece precision screwdriver set
  • 40-bit set
  • Two Allen wrench sets included

Best Budget Screwdriver: Lutz 6-in-One Screwdriver

Best Budget Screwdriver
Lutz 6-in-One Screwdriver
More versatile than it appears at first glance, the Lutz 6-in-One Screwdriver may be the only screwdriver your home needs.

The Lutz 6-in-One Screwdriver is a fantastic multi-use screwdriver that just so happens to be affordably priced as well. This is a great value screwdriver because it utilizes six of the most commonly used bit heads: a 1/4″ slotted bit, 3/16″ slotted bit, #1 Phillips bit, #2 Phillips bit, 5/16″ nut driver, and a 1/4″ nut driver. All of these bits are packaged with this multi-functional screwdriver. Other double-ended bits will work with this as well if you want to add more to your collection.

Each piece in this solo screwdriver set was designed to work harmoniously with every other component in the package. The double-ended bits are reversible within the shaft so that you can use either side when necessary, and the shaft itself is reversible within the screwdriver handle to add to its functionality. The bits can all be stored within the shaft and handle at once and rotated for use as needed. It is a well thought out and organized design that reduces clutter and removes the risk of losing your bits during storage.

The shaft is a nickel-plated steel tube, and the bits are heat-treated chromium-vanadium steel. The bits are rated to a Rockwell hardness of 58 to prevent them from becoming misshapen or broken, and they’ve been coated with an oil mist to prevent rust. User reviews applaud this screwdriver for its versatility and durability.

Lutz 6-in-One Screwdriver Key Features:

  • Two slotted and two Phillips head bits
  • Two nut drivers
  • Reversible tube shaft
  • Bits store in handle

Best Phillips Head Screwdriver: Klein Tools Phillips Head Screwdriver

Best Phillips Head Screwdriver
Klein Tools Phillips Head Screwdriver
As an American leader in hand tools for over 150 years, Klein has perfected the screwdriver and it certainly shows in this model.

A standard #2 Phillips head screwdriver that has been refined beyond compare, the Klein Tools Phillips Head Screwdriver is the pinnacle of hand tool fasteners. This screwdriver features a precision-machined tip that provides unbeatable fit and torque to prevent slippage, and it is comprised of heat-treated tempered steel for unbreakable durability. The shaft is equally strong and has been chrome-plated for a smooth finish that prevents corrosion. The shaft is fitted into the handle with internal flanges to create a secure anchor so that it never twists out of place.

This screwdriver’s handle is made of a hardened plastic that is covered in a cushioned rubber grip that not only makes gripping the tool more comfortable, but also provides enhanced grip and better torque for a more fluid workflow. A feature that all users praise is the Tip-ident tool guide that is located on the tip of the handle of modern Klein screwdrivers. Displayed with a bold icon that is easy to see at a glance, the Tip-ident symbol on each tool indicates the screwdriver type and its orientation so that you can quickly identify the screwdriver type you need and line it up with the fastener in an instant.

What may be a let down to some is that the tip of this tool is not magnetized. It is possible to magnetize it yourself, but it was purposefully not magnetized so that it can be safely used with electronics that may otherwise be ruined by a hand tool’s magnetism. This screwdriver is made in the USA and comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

Klein Tools Phillips Head Screwdriver Key Features:

  • #2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • 10-inch round shank
  • Cushioned grip with Tip-ident
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Flathead Screwdriver: Klein Tools Flathead Screwdriver

Best Flathead Screwdriver
Klein Tools Flathead Screwdriver
The Klein Tools Flathead Screwdriver is as solid as they come, comfortable to use, and comes backed by a lifetime warranty. It is fundamentally perfect.

Yes, you’re correct, this Klein Tools Flathead Screwdriver is the slot tip twin to the Phillips head screwdriver we also chose as a top pick. Our reasoning is exactly the same– this is a basic screwdriver that has been refined and perfected over the decades by Klein. It has a precision-machined keystone slot top, a cushioned rubber grip, and the same convenient Tip-ident tool guide as its Phillips head sibling, though it, of course, features a flathead symbol at the top of the handle.

Every other feature and strength is also mirrored between these two excellent screwdrivers. What’s more, there are many different shaft lengths and fastener tips to choose from in this lineup of Klein hand tools. If you need a shorter screwdriver for tight spaces, or require a differently-sized tip for the type of fastener you often use, you can follow our link for this specific screwdriver to also browse all of the different screwdriver options provided by Klein.

You can find the same screwdriver with a metal head that is strong enough to withstand the impact of a hammer, or the same screwdriver with a magnetic tip. We find that this Klein Tools Flathead Screwdriver is the most practical of the bunch, but the others are great too, and they all are made in the USA and come backed by a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with Klein.

Klein Tools Flathead Screwdriver Key Features:

  • 3/8″ keystone tip
  • 10-inch round shank
  • Cushioned grip with Tip-ident
  • Lifetime warranty

Every home, office, and job site should have a reliable screwdriver at hand to fasten loose screws and make quick, simple repairs on everyday objects. A quality hand tool can often be a lifetime purchase. Head on over to our Home Improvement section if you’re looking to add to your toolbox where you can find our recommendations on common tools like the best cordless drills, stud finders, and telescoping ladders.