How To Get Rid Of Moles

Like the name suggests, pests of all kinds are a nuisance to say the least, but moles can cause a considerable amount of damage to the grounds of your home or business. You’re likely wondering how to get rid of moles, so you can take back control of your garden before they strike again.

Although these little, furry, mammals may be causing you a headache right now, they are pretty endearing with their oversized paws and adorable pig-like noses. So you may not want to harm or exterminate them and instead, find an alternative solution. However, a single mole’s range can extend up to 2.7 acres. That’s a lot of land for those powerful paws to wreak havoc on.

So, whether your lawn is peppered with molehills or laced with mole runs, here’s an array of options to help you get rid of moles.

1. Identify The Type Of Mole

There are multiple types of moles that live in various locations across the world. The type of mole you’ll be dealing with will depending on where you live. So first thing’s first: identify the type of mole that’s made a home in your garden so you know how best to proceed. Different types of mole like different types of soil and different species act in different ways. For instance, the American Shrew Mole has been known to travel in groups.

It’s always best to call in the experts if you feel a little out of your depth. So why not ring your local pest control provider to scope out your mole situation? Then once you know the species of your mole, you can take it from there!

2. Make Your Soil Less Accessible

Moles are found in moist soil that’s thriving with worms, so it’s recommended to modify your soil conditions to make it harder for moles to tunnel and to deter worms. You can use a lawn roller to make soil firmer, swap your soil for harder and drier materials, improve your soil’s drainage systems, and ensure you don’t over-water your lawn.

3. Reduce Earthworms’ Food Supply

British Pest Control Association member and pest control company, Rentokil, recommends to remove moss and weeds from your garden, so that the earthworms’ favorite foods are taken away and in turn, the moles will hopefully leave too.

4. Use A Trap

There are a wide selection of traps available to purchase online or in your nearest DIY/home improvement store. From humane tunnel traps to triggered traps that exterminate, there’s a type of trap for whatever you require.

5. Utilize Ultrasonic Vibrations

A great option is to use a product that sends out ultrasonic vibrations, such as KKPOT’s Solar Mole Repellent Outdoor Ultrasonic Spikes. Emitting a beep and vibration into the soil that irritates underground critters, these ultrasonic, solar powered mole repellent devices are perfect for those looking for a humane solution to their mole problem. Powered by the sun, these are an eco-friendly alternative and let’s face it, they’re sure to look pretty cool and high-tech in your garden too.

6. Use A Repellent

From tar, to granulated repellents, to liquid repellents, there are many different types of mole repellents available. Some you can buy in a store or make by yourself. DIY repellents are a great choice for those who don’t want to fork out for an expensive device, trap, or the cost of hiring a professional.

7. Install Underground Fencing

Of course, it’s not enough to install a fence on top of your lawn considering moles hunt and live mostly underground. You can try installing an underground barrier, created from sheet metal or steel mesh. However, they mention that persistent moles may still be able to dig underneath an underground barrier.

For those who’d rather try alternative routes before heading down the extermination path, an underground barrier is a good option.

8. Call An Exterminator

Although having moles in your garden may not seem as big an issue as hosting the likes of disease-carrying rodents, it’s still best to take caution. According to, moles have been known to transmit rabies and can carry parasites, which is certainly not ideal if you’re a pet owner.

If you feel a little overwhelmed with your mole problem or you’ve exhausted all your options, it may be time to bring in the experts.

Whichever side of the fence you stand on when it comes to deterring, trapping, or exterminating moles, there’s a myriad of choices available to you. You may be a prize-winning horticulturist or a low maintenance lawn mower, but no matter your green fingered prowess, everyone can agree that a mole problem needs fixing ASAP!