The Best Cleaning Wipes

For a quick cleaning project in your home, there’s virtually no cleaner that’s more convenient to use than a cleaning wipe. From disinfecting the bathroom to removing tough grease and food buildup in the kitchen, the right cleaning wipe can handle almost any household mess. And, because they come in containers meant to draw out one wipe at a time, they won’t leave any drips or messes behind, either.

We searched through several of the best cleaning wipes for the home to find the top picks for a variety of purposes. Some of the features we considered in our review include pricing, the container design, the purpose of the wipes, and customer reviews. All of these cleaning wipes can be purchased online from Amazon. 

Best Cleaning Wipes Overall
Dapple All Purpose Wipes
Dapple All Purpose Wipes provide effective cleaning with plant-based cleaners instead of irritating chemicals.

For our top pick, we chose the Dapple All Purpose Wipes. These wipes not only have effective cleansing properties, but they’re also fragrance-free and gentle enough to use on surfaces that kids or pets might touch.

The 5 Top-Rated Cleaning Wipes

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best Cleaning Wipes OverallDapple All Purpose Wipes 4.1
Best Heavy Duty Cleaning WipesGrime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes
Best Budget Cleaning WipesClorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes4.8
Best Furniture Cleaning WipesPledge Multisurface Furniture Polish Wipes4.6
Best Degreasing Cleaning WipesWONDER SCRUB Hand & Surface Cleaning Towels4.7

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Cleaning Wipes Overall: Dapple All Purpose Wipes

Best Cleaning Wipes Overall
Dapple All Purpose Wipes
Dapple All Purpose Wipes provide effective cleaning with plant-based cleaners instead of irritating chemicals.

If you have a baby or small children in the home, then Dapple All Purpose Wipes might be a perfect pick for you. Even if you don’t have little ones in your family, if you prefer gentle cleaning products that are plant-based, then you’ll appreciate these wipes. These fragrance-free and gentle cleaning cloths can keep your home clean without using a bunch of harsh chemicals to do it. They’re formulated with minimal ingredients, like purified water, glycerin, and natural cleaners from sugar and apples, to keep your home’s surfaces shining and germ-free without adding all the unnecessary junk.

We also like that these wipes are free of stuff like sulfates, parabens, chlorine bleach, and synthetic chemicals that can potentially irritate the skin or damage furniture, countertops, and other surfaces in your home. These wipes are technically designed for keeping nurseries sparkling clean in a safe way for babies, but customers use them on a variety of surfaces in the home with success. 

Dapple All Purpose Wipes Key Features:

  • Gentle, plant-based cleansing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Wipes away germs and dirt on a variety of surfaces
  • Easy-dispensing container

Best Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes: Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Best Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes
Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes
When you want to cut through the toughest gunk, try Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes.

Tough jobs require tough cleaning wipes, which is exactly what Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes are made for. These wipes come in a convenient tub with a handle to carry around wherever you need them, and they’re perfect for big cleaning jobs. Not only do these cleaning wipes tackle everyday household messes in the kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces, but you can also use them to clean sticky adhesive residue, grease, dirt buildup, and more. Both sides of every wipe are textured to give you effective scrubbing action that won’t harm surfaces.

These wipes are especially helpful for those in the middle of home renovations or completing DIY or crafting projects. Keep the tub nearby to clean up messes like paint spills or splatters, grease and dirt on tools and equipment, or even your hands after you complete a messy project (they’re safe for skin, too!). A top compliment customers give these Grime Boss wipes is that the wipes are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about them tearing apart while you clean.

Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes Key Features:

  • Tightly-sealing container to prevent drying
  • Cleans almost any material
  • Large wipe size
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Refreshing citrus scent

Best Budget Cleaning Wipes: Modern Farmhouse Liquid Soap Dispenser

Best Budget Cleaning Wipes
Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes
When it comes to quick cleaning on a budget, you can’t beat Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes.

Most people recognize Clorox as a leader in the cleaning supply industry, and Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes are just one of many of the brand’s products that propelled them to the top. These wipes are designed to be germ killers without breaking the bank. With 70 wipes in each container, there’s plenty of cleaning action to go around each room in your home several times with just one pack.

These pre-moistened wipes have just the right amount of wetness to glide across hard surfaces in your home and kill most germs on contact. They’re perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom, but you can also use them to clean flooring, appliances, your car, and more. With a fresh scent that’s reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach, Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes keep your home smelling amazing, too.

Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes Key Features:

  • Bleach-free
  • Usable on most hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Kills strep, salmonella, and many other bacteria
  • Can use on hardwood
  • Recyclable plastic container

Best Furniture Cleaning Wipes: Pledge Multisurface Furniture Polish Wipes

Best Furniture Cleaning Wipes
Pledge Multisurface Furniture Polish Wipes
Keep your furniture shining and germ-free with Pledge Multisurface Furniture Polish Wipes.

Cleaning furniture is made easy with Pledge Multisurface Furniture Polish Wipes. Instead of breaking out the paper towels and multiple cleaning products, just take a pre-moistened wipe from the pack and swipe it across your wood furniture. These wipes both clean and polish surfaces, leaving them with a beautiful, lasting shine. They also smell great, leaving behind a lingering lemon scent that keeps your home smelling refreshed.

You can use these furniture wipes on other surfaces besides wood, too, as long as they’re sealed. Clean sealed countertops, floors, walls, marble, laminate, and just about any other non-porous surface to keep it shining and free of dirt and grime. These wipes also double as dusting cloths, so you can take care of both dusting and polishing your furniture at the same time.

Pledge Multisurface Furniture Polish Wipes Key Features:

  • Lightly moistened
  • Safe for several surfaces
  • Fresh lemon scent
  • Cruelty-free
  • Resealable pouch

Best Degreasing Cleaning Wipes: WONDER SCRUB Hand & Surface Cleaning Towels

Best Degreasing Cleaning Wipes
WONDER SCRUB Hand & Surface Cleaning Towels
Kitchen grease is no match for WONDER SCRUB Hand & Surface Cleaning Towels.

For degreasing kitchen surfaces, try WONDER SCRUB Hand & Surface Cleaning Towels. These cleaning wipes are usable on several surfaces to dig through grease and clean at the same time. And, they’re larger than average wipes at 12 inches by 9 inches, making them the perfect size for cleaning large countertops or breaking up tough grease inside your oven. An easy-dispensing container makes it simple to grab just one wipe at a time.

Don’t worry about your hands drying out after using these cleaning wipes. They’re designed to work on your hands, too, so although they’re effective for cleaning, they’re also gentle on your skin. The formula contains conditioners to leave your hands feeling soft and hydrated after you use the wipes.

WONDER SCRUB Hand & Surface Cleaning Towels Key Features:

  • Extra large wipe size
  • Excellent for cleaning up after DIY projects
  • Gentle on hands
  • 70 wipes in a container
  • Two-sided scrubbing action

Cleaning your home regularly is an excellent way to prevent germs and bacteria from building up and causing illness. It’s especially crucial right now to keep your family safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. Our guides and reviews are here to help you find the perfect cleaning products from your home, like a handheld vacuum and bleach cleaning products