The Best Under Counter Beverage Refrigerators & Beverage Centers

There’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of popping open a perfectly chilled beverage and taking that first sip. While regular refrigerators tend to nail that temperature for soft drinks, they’re often colder than the ideal temperature for things like wine, beer, water, and even juice. Of course, you can’t increase the temperature too much… Read More

The Best Outdoor Speakers

The natural sounds of the outdoors can be extremely soothing and peaceful, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little music of your own as well. If you like listening to music in the outdoors, or you just want to create your own atmosphere, you’ll need some good outdoor speakers. This gives you the option… Read More

The Best Manual Can Openers

When a can opener is good, you don’t think about it too much. It sits in your drawer until you need it, then you whip it out and it just works. But when a can opener is bad, it’s a nuisance every time you have to open a can — and with a bad can… Read More